NE 153 is newly published

from 2015-06-11

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 153 “Automation Security 2020 – Design, Implementation and Operation of Industrial Automation Systems” - Abstract (Edition 2015-06-11)

Modern automation solutions increasingly use open and networked system architectures and standard IT components and frequently have direct or indirect Internet access.

These automation systems are exposed to increased risks and threats as attacks, errors etc. that are known in standard IT also affect industrial automation technology.

As a rule, technical IT security mitigation measures are nowadays integrated into industrial automation systems in addition to the actual automation components. This increases the complexity of automation systems which is becoming more and more difficult to manage.

In order to reverse this trend the new NAMUR Recommendation NE 153 “Automation Security 2020 – Design, Implementation and Operation of Industrial Automation Systems” defines and compiles a number of fundamental requirements to be met by future automation systems.

In essence, the Recommendation calls for IT security systems to be an integral function of future automation components and solutions. This will provide an opportunity substantially to reduce the complexity of automation systems.

The Recommendation compiles a number of essential requirements which also apply to new or extended areas of action in both research and development and conventional IT. It is expected that innovative security technologies and concepts will be examined for their applicability in automation technology at an early stage and integrated into new products. Some of the requirements outlined in the Recommendation can already be met today, while others reflect expectations to be met by a future generation of automation systems.

On the whole, the aim is to raise future IT security far beyond the basic level.

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