NE 150 is newly published

from 2014-10-17

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 150 "Standardised NAMUR-Interface for Exchange of Engineering-Data between CAE-System and PCS Engineering Tools" (Version 2014-10-13)

The aim of this NAMUR recommendation is to create a practical, non-proprietary, semi-automatic and bidirectional interface for the exchange of engineering data between CAE systems and PCS engineering tools (CAE: Computer Aided Engineering, PCS: Process Control System). From the perspective of users of automation technology in the process industry this should advance and simplify the capacity for interaction between engineering tools and improve a consistent, systematic data storage.

The characterisation of the data exchange structure described in NE 150 (NAMUR data container) is based on the original idea of a configuration list. This has arisen from the comparison of specific manufacturer exchange lists. It therefore contains the data required for an exchange between CAE systems and PCS engineering tools. The requirements to be met by the NAMUR data container defined in the chapters encompass both definitions of the structural and with regards to content quality of the NAMUR data container and specifications relating to interfaces of potential "coupling partners" (CAE systems and PCS engineering tools).

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