NE 149 has been revised

from 2014-06-05

The following NAMUR recommendation has been editorially revised:

-  The origin of the document has been defined in the "prepared by" section.
-  Section 2 and 3 were imported pursuant to VE 32, establishing full concordance with VE 32.

The following summary still applies in terms of content:

NA 149 "Touch Guard for Couplings – Instructions for Construction and Installation" (Version 20.05.2014)

This NAMUR recommendation defines the design and shape of touch guards to be installed around couplings. The purpose of a touch guard is to provide protection against accidental contact with rotating parts between drive (motor) and driven unit (pump) in the case of a horizontal shaft.

The shape of the touch guard ensures that, if the machinery is used as intended, the requirements laid down in the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC are met and the provisions of DIN EN ISO 13857 duly taken into account.

Given the large number of possible sizes, however, touch guards cannot be matched with specific couplings. This is why dimensions have to be individually specified on the machinery in question.

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