NE 148 is newly published

from 2013-10-29

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 148 "Automation Requirements relating to Modularisation of Process Plants" (Version 22.10.2013)

With the aim of a substantial time reduction between idea and product launch, process engineering develops new designs for chemical plants, using modular components. These end up in the capability of –plug and produceâ? plant components increasing the flexibility and shortening the project duration. The purpose of this NAMUR recommendation is the support for automation over the life-cycle in modular designed plants.

During the last decades, a lot of standards for traditionally designed plants were created. Within the process industry modular plant design and its standardisation have just started. The introduction of modular composed process plants must not be slowed down by insufficient automation technology. Instead, the automation is supposed to be a driver and innovator. Furthermore, many of the required developments can become a competitive advantage in traditional installations. The NE 148 provides a respective frame for automation in modular designed plants.

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