NE 147 is newly published

from 2015-04-13

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 147 Energy accounting Measurements in Chemical Parks

This document is intended for energy suppliers and for their customers in chemical parks to provide orientation for recording energy volumes in a manner that is both efficient and best meets requirements, and if necessary as a description of the application of recognised engineering rules, including on public supervisory and control bodies.

Need for action results as a consequence of the subdivision of large companies into several independent firms at one site and of the Liberalisation of energy markets.

All aspects of the planning, operation and quality assurance of the measuring system and the use of measurement results throughout the entire operating duration of an energy accounting measurement are addressed.

This document addresses accounting measurements of conventional volumes in distribution grids.
Measurements of particular economic importance (see also NE 15) and equipment for special cases (control functions, load management systems, etc.) should be examined additionally and are not part of this document.

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