NE 146 is newly published

from 2013-10-21

The following NAMUR Recommendation has been released and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

NE 146 "Process Analysis Technology Systems as Part of Process Control Safety Equipment" (Version 21.10.2013)

PAT measuring equipment is used, for example, in process industry as sensor components of PCT safety instrumented systems. In many cases it represents the only or most efficient method for monitoring a process variable which, for its part, enables a reliable evaluation of designated use of the system to be protected. Due to the direct material interaction with the process medium, PAT measuring equipment is in general more susceptible to failure than the sensors widely used for pressure, temperature, etc.

The variety of process analytical measurement variables and methods and, consequently, the comparatively limited number of PAT measuring devices used in each case for a single precisely limited application makes a quantitative evaluation of functional safety according to existing standards difficult in most cases. Beside the often inadequate specifications of manufacturers for evaluating components as PCT safety instrumented systems, there is an insufficient number of comparable applications.

NE 146 addresses already existing experiences from PAT measuring equipment as part of PCT safety instrumented systems and relates them directly to characteristics of existing standards. It is designed to aid users at planning, installation and operation of PAT measuring equipment as part of PCT safety instrumented systems.

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