NE 136 is newly published

from 2011-11-24

Abstract to NE 136 "Requirements and Specifications for Power Supply Solutions based on Batteries and Energy Harvesting"
(Version: 26.10.2011)

One of the most important prerequisites for operational use of wireless technologies in the process industry is the provision of a standardised energy supply. The challenges of comprehensive use (e.g. exchanging batteries) cannot be mastered without standards in the energy supply.

The aim of this document is providing the preconditions for the specification of a standardised stand-alone power source for wireless communication devices in process automation applications.

This document describes the requirements from the point of view of process automation including requirements because of the transport and exchange of the power source in explosive environments. Available standards, guidelines, laws and provisions are assembled and analysed. Furthermore, available approaches for a power source are introduced and assessed with respect to the specified requirements.

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