NE 129 is newly published

from 2009-10-18

Abstract to NE 129 "Plant Asset Management"
(Version: 12.10.2009)

Today Plant Asset Management is regarded as the holistic concept for pursuing stipulated objectives in process industries. The maintenance of the functional health of an asset or, where necessary, restoring this health, is included as a subordinate task, but Plant Asset Management involves a great deal more in the overall target setting procedure. Plant Asset Management involves moreover all aspects relevant for a value-orientated management of assets.

The compilation and continuous updating of the asset and production strategy is considered an important function of operative units.  A Plant Asset Management concept coordinated with these tasks forms the basis for the successful realisation of the strategy in production operations. It acts as a guideline for the orientation of technical processes with regard to the handling of assets.

NE 129 focuses in particular on the automation aspects of a Plant Asset Management concept of this nature. The recommendation describes the functional and technical requirements from the point of view of the user. It is intended as an aid for the realisation of Plant Asset Management in production operations.

The intention of this NAMUR recommendation is to indicate the benefits and competitive factors of Plant Asset Management in process industries.
In addition, a common understanding of Plant Asset Management should be achieved in which the definitions of Plant Asset Management tasks and objectives and the determination of core functions and requirements of Plant Asset Management systems and components are illustrated.  Examples are expounded to underpin this goal, followed by a vision and explanation of state-of-the-art engineering standards.

Simultaneously to the publication of NE 129 the former NE 091 "Requirements for online plant asset management systems" will be withdrawn.

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