NE 126 is newly published

from 2009-02-20

Abstract to NE 126 "Provisions to Safeguard Existing Standards for Process Control System Safety Equipment"
(Version: 10.02.2009)

This NAMUR recommendation applies to process control system safety equipment in process industry plants (e.g. the chemical and petrochemical industry), particularly where they are governed by the Hazardous Incident Ordinance (Störfallverordnung). It is based on the harmonised standards IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and VDI/VDE Directive 2180, particularly Sheet 5 (issue 2008).

Use of this recommendation presumes that all pertinent laws and regulations have been observed during planning, installation and operation.

Concepts were formulated in regulations valid up until now (e.g. VDI/VDE Directive 2180 (issue 1998), NE 31 and ISA S84) which proved extremely effective in practical applications over the years. Initial experience of the application of newer regulations specified within this ambit indicates that comparable measure packages are derived for process control system safety equipment.

None of the above-mentioned papers contain statements on provisions to safeguard existing standards.

This NAMUR recommendation examines these topics categorically and, in addition, is intended as an aid for appropriate discussions of individual cases in daily practice.

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