NE 124 is newly published

from 2009-01-27

Abstract to NE 124 "Wireless Automation Requirements" (Version: 13.01.2009)

The purpose of this NAMUR recommendation is to define requirements for wireless standards, the technology employed and solutions from different manufacturers which ensure that these provide the necessary functions and security of investment for sustainable use in the process industry. The minimum requirements to be met by the technology and equipment involved are described in this respect. In addition to this, instructions and recommendations are made for their implementation under operational conditions.

An emphasis is placed on the requirements to be met by deterministic applications with regard to reliability and availability. Moreover, additional requirements and marginal conditions for the use of wireless communication technology (e.g. coexistence, interoperability and interchangeability) are illustrated while taking life cycles of the equipment and technology employed into consideration.

This recommendation aims to satisfy differing priorities: future technical developments should, on the one hand, not be hindered by excessively restrictive specifications. On the other hand, the requirements set out in this recommendation should enable the operation of wireless networked automation systems consisting of digital field devices, bus systems, PLC's, process control systems and asset management systems with a minimum outlay during the entire life cycle of the production plant.

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