NE 112 has been completely revised

from 2009-04-30

Abstract to NE 112 "Inspection of Systems in potentially-explosive Areas in Compliance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health"
(Version: 28.04.2009)

The Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) BetrSichV stipulates the inspection of systems and plants which require monitoring in potentially-explosive areas. This requirement is defined further by the Technical Regulations for Industrial Safety and Health (Technische Regeln für Betriebssicherheit) TRBS 1201 "Inspection of equipment and plant requiring monitoring" and TRBS 1201 Part 1 "Inspection of plants in potentially-explosive areas and monitoring of workplaces in potentially-explosive areas".

This NAMUR recommendation should, on this basis, provide assistance in the development of operational inspection concepts. Particular attention is paid to the integration of inspections in the maintenance process.

The recommendation 112 can be applied for both electrical and non-electrical explosion protection.

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