NE 105 has been revised

from 2016-02-24

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 105 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The document differs from edition 2008-09-23 beside editiorial adjustments as follows:

  • Annex A to FDI (Field Device Integration) added

Abstract NE 105 ‘Specifications for Integrating Fieldbus Devices in Engineering Tools for Field Devices’
(Edition: 2016-02-24)

Field buses and field devices that are suitable for use in the chemical industry are commercially available. From a user’s perspective, one has to summarize the device integration specifications, despite the standardization of buses and the permanent progress made in establishing data transfer rules.

This NAMUR Recommendation sets forth the specifications for uniform user interfaces, the functionality of device connections and for configuration tool interfaces for the processing of device data. The main focus lies on life cycle management requirements with a view to adopting version update frequencies that do not impede technological progress, while ensuring that sophisticated automation systems that include digital field devices, data transmission bus systems, controller and systems running the gamut from process control to asset management can be maintained without undue effort over a production plant’s life cycle.

The goal is to be able to efficiently and safely operate, parameterize and manage the data of devices from various manufacturers with one single uniformly designed tool.

The document is complemented with an appendix that lists the requirements for the device integration FDI (Field Device Integration).

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