NE 093 has been revised

from 2016-01-22

The NAMUR Recommendation NE 093 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The document differs from edition 2003-02-10 beside editiorial adjustments as follows:

  • Harmonization with requirements DIN EN 61511
  • Change of Taxonomy
  • Reporting of devices failures
  • Estimation of specific failure rates
  • Introduction of a web-based reporting tool
  • Maximum achievable Hardware-SIL based on determined failure rates

Abstract NE 093 ‘Verification of the Safety-Related Reliability of SIS based on Field Experience’
(Edition: 2016-01-18)

This recommendation describes an approach how to collect and analyze reliability data and associated
information, which can be used to demonstrate, that the required failure measure of a SIS is being met.
Additionally, the gathered information can be used to support prior use – statements. This recommendation establish a uniform approach among the member companies to get a statistical basis for the verification, that SIS implemented in the chemical industry satisfy the requirements of IEC 61511 concerning safetyrelated reliability.

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