NAMUR server maintenance work from 2017-06-02, 18:00 hrs., to 2017-06-14

from 2017-06-02

To all users of the password-protected section of the NAMUR website,

Due to server maintenance, the password-protected section of the NAMUR website will not be accessible after Friday, 2017-06-02, 18:00 hrs.. From that time until the end of the maintenance activities on 2017-06-14 you will not be able to log in. Among other things, maintenance will affect

  • downloading NAMUR recommendations and NAMUR worksheets
  • the internal work platform with filed internal documents.

Please download the documents you need in time and postpone uploading information until after maintenance activities have been concluded.

For further enquiries please contact the NAMUR Office.

NAMUR Office
c/o Bayer AG
Gebäude K 9
D-51368 Leverkusen
Phone: +49 214/30-71034
Fax: +49 214/30-9671034
E-Mail: office[at]

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