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NAMUR has awarded a prize since 2005 for the best scientific examination thesis (diploma/masters and doctorate) in the field of intelligent process management.

Three outstanding theses were honoured with a NAMUR Award during the NAMUR Annual General Meeting 2010:

The prize for the best diploma/masters thesis was awarded this year to Ms Inga Wolf for her paper on

"Monitoring of Control Performance for Non-linear Model Predictive Control Considering Computational Delay"

Inga Wolf

The thesis was drafted at the RWTH Aachen University and mentored by Professor Wolfgang Marquardt.

In the context of her masters thesis, Ms Wolf developed a new procedure for the monitoring of control performance for NMPC considering computational delay and implemented and tested this in a prototype. Ms Wolf seized on one aspect, namely computational delay, in her thesis which is normally neglected in literature. In doing this, she has taken an important step in advancing the practical application of non-linear model predictive control in the process industry.
The thesis is distinguished through the originality of the topics selected and the vividness with which these are illustrated.
Ms Wolf's thesis has earned extensive recognition and has already been honoured by the SEW EURODRIVE Foundation.

A prize for the best dissertation has been awarded this year to Dr. Gustavo Quirós Araya for the thesis

"Model-based Decentralised Automatic Management of Product Flow Paths in Processing Plants".

Gustavo Quiros

The thesis was drafted at the RWTH Aachen University and mentored by Professor Ulrich Epple.

A suitably-flexible pipework system is required if modular and flexible production is to be assured. Mr Quirós Araya's dissertation is dedicated to the topic of flow path management in processing plants with the objective of reducing the extensive programming required today.

He has developed a concept in this respect which describes a flow path in a processing plant with the aid of a model. In addition to this, the thesis also specifies a set of information and algorithms which assists in the development, management and deletion of flow paths.

The entire concept was implemented on a process control platform, with practical tests being conducted in a larger tank depot.

A second prize for the best dissertation has been awarded this year to Dr. Alexander Ulrich for the thesis

"Development Method for the Planning of Process Engineering Plants".

Alexander Ulrich

The thesis was drafted at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg and mentored by Prof. Alexander Fay.

The topic addressed by Mr Ulrich in his dissertation is the support of interdisciplinary planning of process engineering production plants through suitable descriptive media, methods and tools.

The point of departure for his thesis was the formalised process description drafted in 2003 with the involvement of representatives from NAMUR and the GMA and which was standardised as a VDI/VDE Directive.

Mr Ulrich's objective in his thesis was to develop a systematic procedure and software tool which enable the process engineer to exploit the formalised process description in the context of the customary planning process. The dissertation illustrates how the formalised process description can be employed beneficially during planning.

The successful application to a complex industrial process underscores the value of this thesis.

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