NAMUR Award 2016

from 2016-11-28

Every year NAMUR presents awards for outstanding scientific theses (diploma/master’s and doctoral degree) in the field of intelligent process control. The awards are endowed with EUR 1,000 for a diploma/master’s thesis and EUR 2,000 for a doctoral thesis.

At NAMUR’s 2016 Annual General Meeting an excellent thesis was recognised with a NAMUR Award.

Mr. Henry Bloch received the NAMUR Award for his master’s thesis entitled ‘Application and tool-based realization of a methodology for the reuse-based Engineering of automated plants’.

The thesis was written at the Helmut Schmidt Universität in Hamburg and supervised by Professor Fay.

Modularising plants provides a basis for reuse-based engineering. In his thesis Henry Bloch analysed changes that occur in the engineering workflow when a plant is designed using modules based on interdisciplinary specifications. He demonstrated these changes in an existing representative plant.

Henry Bloch discussed the resulting changes and their impact on quality, organisation and cost-effectiveness. He also implemented the reuse method by using the example of an object-oriented engineering tool.

NAMUR congratulates the winner.

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