NAMUR assembles at the 80th Annual General Meeting in November under the theme ‘Mastering the Digital Transformation of the Process Industry’

from 2017-07-13

NAMUR, the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries, is organizing the 80th Annual General Meeting in Bad Neuenahr on November 9th and 10th this year. The focus of the upcoming event will be on how the process industry can benefit from the digital industrial transformation. NAMUR chose GE Digital – a leading provider of solutions for the industrial internet – to sponsor exclusively the event 2017. Attendees can expect a rich program around “Mastering the Digital Transformation of the Process Industry” and NAMUR is open for application from the 18th of July at

The digital industrial transformation has already started and it goes far beyond manufacturing automation. It is dramatically changing the interaction between people, assets and processes with the ultimate goal to achieve next generation operational intelligence. “When it comes to process industries, companies can use the power of the industrial internet to minimize production losses, optimize operation costs, and mitigate risk through intelligent asset strategies,” says Deborah Sherry, Chief Commercial Officer of GE Digital Europe. “By connecting existing assets at the Edge, to the massive computing power in the Cloud, we can deliver real time insights capable of generating up to 20% in efficiency gains – saving manufacturers millions, and creating the opportunity for new business model innovation.”

GE has successfully transformed from traditional heavy machinery builder to a digital industrial company. On its plenary session, GE Digital will provide several industrial use cases along the digital transformation path in process industry and life sciences. Further use cases, reference architectures, partnership and collaboration opportunities through The Digital Foundry will be discussed in more detail during workshops. The latest technologies which uses industrial internet, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to drive the transformation and new GE Digital solutions, particularly in the area of APM (asset performance management), will be presented in an exhibition.

Like the years before, the sponsor’s plenary presentation will be followed by interesting contributions from NAMUR, which will address new demands and current developments aligned to the motto. Security, safety instrumented systems and availability in the context of digitalization will be discussed.

The numerous NAMUR workshops held during the afternoon of the opening day will then handle current working group issues such as modularization, NAMUR Open Architecture, explosion protection, NAMUR interfaces, and calibration law. Additionally, cooperation partners will give presentations on their latest developments.

Traditionally, the NAMUR Awards mark the start on the second day. This will be followed by presentations on enhanced methods of process control, open architectures, and a panel discussion on education issues. The final specialist lecture will provide forward-looking comments heading into the 2018 NAMUR Annual General Meeting.

Filled with compelling presentations, practical workshops, and innovative discussions from the sponsor GE Digital and NAMUR’s member companies, the 2017 NAMUR Annual General Meeting again promises to be a very significant and memorable automation conference.

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