NA 144 has been revised

from 2018-04-06

The NAMUR Worksheet NA 144 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The document differs from NE 144 edition 2012-09-04 beside editorial adjustments as follows:

  • Modification of the NAMUR Recommendation NE 144 to a NAMUR Worksheet NA 144
  • A procedure for a risk-based detector exchange in fire alarm systems was included
  • The German and the English language parts were split into two separate documents

Abstract NA 144 ‘Risk-Based Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems’
(Edition: 2018-04-09)

The purpose of this NAMUR worksheet is to define risk-based maintenance concepts for fire alarm systems within the applicable standards and based on approaches of the functional safety. Methods, procedures and appropriate maintenance measures are defined for fire alarm systems. These are intended to replace previous preventive maintenance concepts for fire alarm systems which were independent of the risk potential associated with the monitored building and other factors (e.g. self-monitoring of the sensor system).

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