NA 137 is newly published

from 2011-08-31

Abstract to NA 137 "Engineering and Operation of Wireless Sensor Networks"
(Version: 25.07.2011)

The requirements to be met by wireless communication techniques in process automation are described in NE 124. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) represent an important special case in this respect.

The intention of this worksheet is to provide planners, system integrators and operators of WSN with a guideline to assist them in the realisation of the tasks they wish to perform in compliance with the requirements and recommendations of NE 124. The layout of the worksheet is based on the structure of NE 124 and explains the requirements and instructions listed in the latter with regard to the planning and operation of WSN. The worksheet also provides instructions on the documentation of the wireless application. The "Wireless Sensor Network" data sheet in the appendix, on which detailed data sheets for specific companies can be based, can also be used for this purpose.

This worksheet does not replace the documentation to be provided by the manufacturer/planner, but can at best be regarded as a supplement to this.

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