NA 135 is newly published

from 2011-06-20

Abstract to NA 135 "Remote Maintenance for Automation Systems in the Process Industriy" (Version: 24.05.2011)

Technical developments in recent years, particularly the use of standardised information technology in automation systems has enormously increased the options offered by remote maintenance.
Remote Maintenance services are currently offered for intelligent sensors and acutators, for control systems including associated engineering systems, for safety systems, for process analysers and for building automation systems, just to mention a few examples.

Manufacturers react to this with different strategies and develop concepts whose potentials and risks must, ultimately, be evaluated by the user.
The purpose of the NAMUR worksheet 135 is to illustrate the marginal conditions associated with the remote maintenance of automation systems in the process industry from the point of view of the user and the methodical requirements to be met by the process and service provider.

Accordingly, the NAMUR worksheet addresses on the one hand manufacturers and system integrators. It is designed to inform them of specific marginal conditions in the process industry governing the development of remote maintenance architectures. On the other hand it addresses users who should take the respective criteria for remote maintenance into consideration during implementation and the operation of systems.

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