NA 120 is newly published

from 2008-11-19

Abstract to NA 120 "Operator Workplace from the Human-Process Communication Point of View" (Version: 13.11.2008)

The primary task of the operator is process management based on process and system information. In addition to the main process (process oriented production), logistic processes of the materials and products utilised and auxiliary processes also exist.

The operator obtains this information via process control system display and control components, mainly in the control rooms.

The increasing pressure of cost factors and growing requirements relating to product qualities have expanded the roll of the operator considerably in recent years:

  • through dispositive tasks
  • expanded quality assurance
  • efficient system operation
  • maintenance of system availability.

The operator requires additional information provided from an heterogeneous system landscape presented in a task-related format for this purpose.

These requirements must be taken into consideration when designing the operator workplace.

The analysis and definition of operator tasks have, in particular, increased in importance during the planning phase.

The purpose of this worksheet is to contribute to the design of a multifunctional operator workplace, and it is exclusively dedicated to the following aspects:

  • Information from horizontal and vertical integration systems
  • Package unit visualisation
  • Logic diagram representation

During the planning and setup phase the worksheet should be treated as a guideline from which part of an individual process control system specification can be derived due to the plant-specific adaptation.

The worksheet supports the design of the operator workplace to suit the tasks involved during the operational phase.

Instructions are provided for the manufacturers of control technology equipment relating to the functional expansion of their products and design of solutions.

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