NA 117 has been revised

from 2020-03-19

The NAMUR Worksheet NA 117 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The document differs from NA 117 edition 2006-11-14 beside editorial adjustments as follows:

  • Change of title
  • Separate German and English versions
  • Normative references included
  • Standards and technical terms updated and complemented
  • Table 2 ‘Installation documents’ adapted
  • Sec. 12 ‘Job profile for PCT installation and functional testing personnel’ added

Abstract NA 117 ‘PCT installation documents, functional testing and personnel qualifications’
(Edition: 2020-03-19)

Today, planning and installing process plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to make production competitive is increasingly facing the call for shorter processing times combined with closer international cooperation. Against this backdrop, purchasing installation services has gained increasing importance.

Depending on the type of contract (fixed price or measurement and payment) and the timeframe for project implementation (enquiry about or ordering the installation service), sometimes different documents and/or document scopes are required which usually are of contractual relevance. This is why it is very important that customer and contractor share the same understanding, based on standardised documentation.

The aim of this Worksheet is to define the interface between planning and installation based on the minimum documentation required. The Worksheet describes the documents required for tendering and commissioning and/or rendering installation and functional testing services (without water trials/commissioning) with the necessary content. It is up to users to define the format of the documents as in most cases this definition very much depends on the CAE tools used.

In future, customer and contractor will be able to handle PCT installation services on the basis of installation documents using identical definitions.

This NAMUR Worksheet is meant to provide support for enquiring about and ordering PCT installation and functional testing services from external contractors (no in-house handling), also in international business transactions. The underlying assumption is that the contractor is a company specialising in PCT installations.The fields of energy supply and distribution and building automation are not considered in this NAMUR worksheet.

This NAMUR Worksheet is restricted to installation-related documents only. Legal provisions, directives and regulations remain unaffected. This Worksheet does not consider any specific arrangements and conditions under a pertinent contract.

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