NA 115, NE 127, NE 133 and NE 136 have been withdrawn

from 2017-12-15

The NAMUR Worksheet

  • NA 115 "IT-Security for Industrial Automation Systems: Constraints for measures applied in process industries" from 2006

has been withdrawn, because of out-dated content. A successor document is being prepared.

The NAMUR Recommendations

  • NE 127 "RFID Utilisation in the Process Industry" from 2009,
  • NE 133 "Wireless Sensor Networks: Requirements for the Convergence of existing Standards" from 2011,
  • NE 136 "Requirements and Specifications for Power Supply Solutions based on Batteries and Energy Harvesting" from 2011

have been withdrawn without replacement.

Withdrawn documents may be requested at the NAMUR Office if necessary (preconditions for the access have to be fulfilled).

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