NA 016 has been revised

from 2016-01-06

The NAMUR Worksheet NA 016 has been revised and may now be obtained from the NAMUR Office.

The document differs from edition 2000-06-27 beside editiorial adjustments and bilingualism DE/EN as follows:

  • The reference to NA 55 has been removed as it
    has been withdrawn
  • Annex: „Flow-Diagram according to DIN (O2-
    Messung QRCA +) withdrawn
  • Annex „Flow-Diagram according to DIN 19227,
    Blatt 1“ withdrawn
  • Annex „Functional Diagram according to DIN 40
    719 Teil 6“ withdrawn

Abstract NA 016 ‘Planning of Process Analysis Technology PCT Systems’
(Edition: 2016-01-06)

Process analysis technology PCT systems (PAT systems) are planned in analogy to the planning of PCS loops.
However, metrological aspects of analytical technology such as sampling and processing should be taken into consideration. For designing PAT systems, for instance, more process engineering data are usually needed than suggested by the Process Control Loop Sheet.

This NAMUR Worksheet supports the basic evaluation and documentation of a PAT system planning process.

  • ‘Process Engineering Data for Analyses‘: This sheet helps to capture the process engineering data needed to draw up the specification of the PAT system (Annex A).
  • ‘Analytical System Specification’: This sheet serves to document the result of the planning process (Annex B).
  • For planning PAT equipment which forms part of safety instrumented systems the reader is referred to NE 146:2013 ‘Systems of Process Analysis Technology as Part of Safety Instrumented Systems’.

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