Field instruments support digital transformation
81st NAMUR general meeting on November 8 and 9, 2018 in Bad Neuenahr

from 2018-07-23

The digital transformation is changing the working world and the value chains well beyond the boundaries of the enterprise. How can the process industry exploit digitalization’s potential across the entire system life cycle? And what significance will smart sensors, intelligent networks and digital services have in this environment? These questions and many other topics will be addressed when automation technology users in the process industry come together during the NAMUR general meeting on November 8 and 9, 2018 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany. The event is being sponsored by Endress+Hauser.

Companies in the process industry face the challenge of individually, flexibly and efficiently manufacturing products and materials for their customers. Individualization is fueling a trend toward increasingly smaller batches and faster production cycles, while the consolidation of chemical and biotechnological processes is driving process innovation forward. At the same time, competitive pressures within globally networked industries are growing.

“We help our customers in the process industry increase their productivity and boost the potential of digitalization,” said Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress+Hauser Group. Tools for selecting and configuring measurement instruments ensure economic engineering and consistent data quality. Optical analyzer technologies such as Raman, NIR and TDL spectrometry create new opportunities for laboratory and process applications. At the same time, these technologies ensure consistent measurement values and efficient operations, from the lab, to product and process development, and on to manufacturing and quality assurance.

Companies in the process industry want to profit from the Industrial Internet of Things, in both existing and new plants. At the same time, they want to make their own decisions about the degree of digitalization, and flexibly and reliably design their digital landscapes. Endress+Hauser will address these needs during the NAMUR general meeting and introduce corresponding approaches in the main presentation, as well as in five workshops. The company will also have an exhibit where participants can learn firsthand about the advantages of smart field instruments and digital services and have the opportunity to converse with industry and product experts from Endress+Hauser.

During the user contributions on Thursday morning, NAMUR will live up to the motto of the event and address new opportunities in the area of process analysis technology, as well as the general topic of smart field instruments. Paths toward data flows and case studies will be discussed during the NAMUR Open Architecture presentation as well. A wealth of afternoon workshops on topics such as FDI, mobile instruments in hazardous environments, security and SIS, NAMUR standard IPD controller and advanced instrumentation diagnostics will reflect the broad spectrum of activities that NAMUR is involved in. Discussions about NOA and MTP technologies will naturally be on the agenda as well.

After the NAMUR awards for outstanding dissertations and master’s theses, the program will continue with real application examples involving new technologies. Also on the agenda are contributions covering modular automation, and the standardized data model for the process industry, after which a forward-looking presentation to next year’s general meeting motto will be held.

The NAMUR general meeting, with its current topics and with Endress+Hauser as a committed sponsor, once again promises to be an important event on the automation community’s calendar. Participation is highly recommended.

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