Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Will, former Member of NAMUR’s Board of Management and Chairman of the Board for many years passed away on 23 September 2014.

from 2014-10-06

His name is associated with many activities in the field of automation technology. Even though he did not have a background in I&C or electrical engineering, his expertise as mechanical and process engineer provided the ideal combination for advocating the interdisciplinary aspect in NAMUR’s work.

In 1966, he was appointed to the Board of Management of NAMUR; he served on the Board for 26 years, 13 years of which he was its Chairman. For his silver anniversary (25 years service on NAMUR’s Board of Management), he received the silver badge of honour. Upon his resignation from the Board of Management of NAMUR, he became an honorary member of NAMUR.

During his term as Chairman of NAMUR’s Board of Management, he focused predominantly on subjects such as analytical measurement technology, process computer engineering and planning of pyrometer systems. Even today, the subjects of analytical technology and planning are still of paramount importance in NAMUR. It was thanks to his initiative that the committee on process electronics was established.

Contacts to VDI/VDE’s organisation on measurement and automation technology were extremely important to him, which he expressed time and again through his membership in the Advisory Committee. Moreover, during his term as member of NAMUR’s Board of Management, he provided staunch support to INTERKAMA and his support of the special exhibition on applied research earned him high esteem.

NAMUR mourns a member of outstanding merit.

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