Topics for NAMUR Activities in China Meeting 2013

Wednesday, November 20th

Schedule Topic Presenter Company
  8:30~  9:00 Registration
  9:00~  9:30 Opening Dai Xiaolong BASF-YPC
  9:30~10:00 News from NAMUR Wilhelm Otten NAMUR
10:00~10:15 Introduction of Sponsor Martin Zeller BTES
10:15~10:45 Coffee Break
10:45~11:00 Introduction of Samson China Qi Zhuan SAMSON
11:00~12:00 From Manually Operated Throttles to Smart Control Valves Joerg Kiesbauer SAMSON
12:00~13:30 Lunch Break
13:30~14:00 PCT Cost Controlling Liu Chaorong BMSC
14:00~14:30 The Bridge of APC and Basic Control Zhu Qin BMSC
14:30~15:10 Group Photo
15:10~15:30 Coffee Break
15:30~16:00 Protection Against Lightning Gao Zhirong BASF-YPC
16:00~16:30 Damage-Cause Code Improves Maintenance Zhao Yongming BASF-YPC
16:30~17:00 Hazard and Operability Analysis Chang Xuebin Wacker
17:00~17:30 Control Valve Engineering Sharon Li SAMSON
17:30~18:00 Smart Control Valves Guido Koenig SAMSON
18:00~19:00 SAMSON Exhibition SAMSON
19:00~21:00 Dinner Sponsored by SAMSON

Thursday, November 21st

Schedule Topic Presenter Company
  8:30~ 9:00 SAMSON Exhibition SAMSON
  9:00~  9:30 Service Management Solution for Control Valve Chen Hao SAMSON
  9:30~10:00 EOL: Introduction and Application Zhao Yinjun Evonik
10:00~10:30 Energy Saving-LED Lighting Application Yin Shihua BTES
10:30~11:00 Coffee Break
11:00~11:30 Control Valve Engineering Matthias Huk BASF
11:30~12:00 Integrated Engineering Martin Zeller BTES
12:00~12:10 Closing Dai Xiaolong BASF-YPC
12:20~13:30 Lunch