“Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing in the Process Industry” – the ninth successful conference in Shanghai

from 2017-12-11

The ninth NAMUR conference in China was held in Shanghai on the 22nd and 23rd November 2017. The figure of about 180 participants shows the stable development of NAMUR in China. In addition to participants from member companies, representatives of the press, standardisation organisations and universities, also invited guests from local process industry companies attended the conference.

Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing
As shown in conference motto “Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing in the Process Industry”, solutions for intelligent manufacturing dominated the presentations and discussions in the conference.

“Intelligent Manufacturing” has already well developed in discrete industry but in process industry it is still an area to be put efforts on. With long time working on this topic, NAMUR China working groups intensively presented expectations, trials, and proved solutions in the conference, which covered from information acquisition, data analyzing, data transferring and final solution implementation. Those presentation were deeply discussed in the conference and “would help to further develop intelligent manufacturing in process industry” as one participant commented during conference.

Look Forward & Act on the Current
“Intelligent Manufacturing” is a topic mainly influences our future, but as professionals, we are handling issues more than “Intelligent Manufacturing”. During the conference presentations on e.g. “engineering/construction” and device level issue in electrical distribution etc. brought the discussion down to the earth. Participants enjoyed this conference covering topics on looking forward and topics on solving current issues.

Reliability & Safety
Besides the topics focused on improving reliability, working groups also brought topics on safety, which covered functional safety and the explosion proof area. Practical examples with sharing of experiences and smart technical solutions from NAMUR member companies attracted audience.

Yokogawa, which had already sponsored the NAMUR Annual General Meeting in Germany in 2016, sponsored the successful event. Together with NAMUR, Yokogawa presented their solutions on intelligent manufacturing, which help to improve efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

Next NAMUR China Annual Conference will be held on Nov. 21st and 22nd, 2018 with a special arrangement for the tenth annual conference in China.

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