NAMUR Activities in China: Smart Manufacturing – the eighth successful conference in Shanghai

from 2016-12-06

The eighth NAMUR conference in China was held in Shanghai on 23 and 24 November 2016. More than 160 participants were again evidence of NAMUR’s continuing development in China. In addition to participants from member companies and representatives of the press, standardisation organisations and universities, invited guests from local process industry companies also attended the conference.

The topic, Smart Manufacturing, was presented in detail and discussed in depth during the conference. The newly established NAMUR working group in China on Intelligent Manufacturing reported on the progress made in the process industry and on the result of a study of end users’ expectations. Other working groups presented their deliberations and solutions in their specific work areas.

In addition to Smart Manufacturing which plays a very important role in increasing the efficiency of operations and companies, safety topics such as functional safety and explosion protection again attracted a lot of attention during the conference.

Two workshops on smart manufacturing and functional safety were held in parallel to the main session. With this new setup, conference participants had a better chance of exchanging ideas within small working groups.

Krohne, which had already been the sponsor of the NAMUR Annual General Meeting in Germany in 2015, sponsored this event as well. Together with NAMUR, Krohne presented their expertise in increasing efficiency and safety.

The next NAMUR China Annual Conference will be held on 22 and 23 November 2017, sponsored by YOKOGAWA.

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